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Sendai; awakened by the moon
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Sendai; awakened by the moon

Arrived in Sendai, Japan for the start of ViniJapon last night.  Just one year after the earthquake and tsunami, there is little evidence of the damage within this newly renovated city.  The people are gracious and there is an exuberance in the air.  At the "Mangetsu Bar" (full moon bar) event, a line-up of organic, biodynamic and so called natural wines were lined up for us to experience the wide array of winemaking techniques; some a little more outrageous than the others.  But the atmosphere was teaming with energy.  Could be due to the full moon, as I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise up to the occasion.  Although snow slowly filled the sky, I felt this insatiable desire to raise my glass and howl to the lonely man in the moon.